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Author Adrian Waygood at home in Cyprus

My name is Adrian Waygood, and the author of this blog. I’m a retired lecturer and instructional designer, apprenticeship-programme manager, and the author of three engineering textbooks: An Introduction to Electrical Science, and Electrical Science for Technicians, published in the UK by Rutledge, and Alternating Current -Simply Explained!, published by Amazon.

I’ve also illustrated a children’s book, Norm and Dig’s Epic Adventure, written by John Goodwin.

After leaving school, I completed a five-year student apprenticeship with the South Wales Electricity Board before working as an electricity-distribution engineer. I then pursued a career in education: teaching electrical-engineering technology and designing curricula for engineering students in the Armed Forces (Royal Navy, Royal Navy of Oman, Royal Saudi Air Force), government (BC Apprenticeship Branch), technical institutions (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, BC Institute of Technology, Bridgwater College, Exeter College), and the private sector (BC Hydro, British Aerospace). During my career, I have lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Canada, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. I have also taught instructional-design methods, as a visiting lecturer, at teacher-training colleges in Medan (Indonesia) and in Chennai (India).

My academic qualifications include a Higher National Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Education Technology.

I now live with my wife and four dogs (two dachshunds, a terrier, and a German Shepherd) in a small farming village located in the vine-covered hills overlooking the Mediterranean on the west coast of Cyprus.

My hobbies and interests include amateur theatre, photography, and graphic design.