‘VOLTEX’… and others : The Energy Saver Scam… Part 2

Since I wrote my article original on the Energy Saver Scam, several more have come to light! Two of these are by ‘Voltex‘, and by ‘LP Gadget Shops‘.

LP Gadget Shops sell various things, and their advertisements infest the internet, with adverts such as ‘People in (name your country!) are going wild over this (gadget)’. Their current advertisement, for example, reads: ‘Thousands in Cyprus Found the Device That Can Slash The Electricity Bill’.

The following advertisement, by Voltex, appeared in my in-box, two nights ago. The header is as follows: ‘See Why Power Companies Are Scared Over This Breakthrough Devie That Cuts Your Power (sic) Bill By Up To 90%’

Yes, ‘By Up To 90%’! Some promise, eh?

The explanation of how this miracle device (!) works, is written by a Dave Freeman… someone who, unsurprisingly, appears to know nothing whatsoever about electricity. Let’s look at some of the claims he makes:

‘Thankfully, clever new technology can help average consumers reduce their electric bills by 90% a month after the first month…’

‘A German-based startup company has come up with a new innovative and inexpensive gadget that helps you not only lower your electricity bill, but can also increase the lifespan on expensive household appliances.”

‘This (gadget) and its technology was originally created by none other than the legendary Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist, Nikola Tesla.’

‘Originally, it was concealed from the general public because it offered average families the opportunity to save on their monthly energy costs. ‘Voltex’ is a small, compact, affordable, and easy to use plug-in that stops unnecessary power from entering electrical cables and overloading the network’.’

”Voltex’ is your power company’s worse nightmare. They have been trying to hide ‘Voltex’ from the everyday consumer and have banned it in retail shops.’

This long advertisement is very similar to the one I wrote about in my original article, although even that article wasn’t stupid enough to credit Nikola Tesla with inventing it!!!

Once again, THIS IS A SCAM. It claims to work by improving a load’s power factor and reducing the load current… but, as I have explained, residential energy meters ignore power factor and, so, improving power factor will have absolutely NO effect on one’s energy consumption and electricity bill.