My textbooks

My textbooks

Since retiring, I have written two textbooks: An Introduction to Electrical Science which is now available in its significantly-expanded second edition, and Electrical Science for Technicians‘ —both published in the UK by Routledge, but available at booksellers, worldwide.

My first book, An Introduction to Electrical Science, is aimed at electrical apprentices or hobbyists who are new to the subject. The second book, Electrical Science for Technicians, continues from where the first book left off.

I’m now pleased to announce the publication of my new book, Alternating Current, Simply Explained!, which shows how anyone who can solve right-angled triangles can also solve a.c. series, parallel, and balanced three-phase circuits, without committing any equation to memory. This book is available internationally from Amazon websites.

This is what one reader had to say about this book:

I Never Knew How Easy A.C. Could Be! A novel, pragmatic approach to alternating current, without dozens of formulae committed to memory.
The book presupposes some knowledge of d.c. theory and you must know how to solve Pythagoras’s right-angled triangles. Form there, it’s all downhill. Only two equations will do the job.
Well structured, with hundreds of diagrams / illustrations and examples. Waygood has been a practitioner and a teacher of the subject, and his book shows it. It’s written in the casual tone of a knowledgeable lecturer who takes you through his topic in an organized manner. Worth your time and money!

A follow-up to this book is currently in preparation, Symbolic Notation —Simply Explained.

Please revisit this page for further news on this and future new books!


No, it’s NOT a textbook, this time! It’s a fantasy novel, Norm and Dig’s Epic Adventure’ by author, John Goodwin, which I have illustrated with my cartoons. Although it’s a kids’ book, there is a lot of zany humour, punitive puns, and ample alliteration, which adults will fully appreciate. Norman Knocker and his buddy, Digby Dingle, are going on an adventure, and it’s going to be epic! Follow the exploits of the two friends as they take a year out to prove that the world is round and not flat… on their way, they must face the hazards of flying sharks, preposterous pirates, stormy seas, and over-zealous officials! Available, now, from Amazon and other book stores.