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Electrical Science Blog

Welcome to my Electrical Science blog. I am a retired lecturer and instructional designer, and the author of two textbooks, published in the UK by Routledge: ‘An Introduction to Electrical Science and Electrical Science for Technicians. I have also self-published a book: Alternating Current —Simply Explained!. on Amazon.

The purpose of my blog is to support readers of these and other books I have planned for the future, by providing additional resources, links to other sites, corrections, updates, and a comments section where readers can express their views or ask questions.

I hope, too, that I can address misconceptions about electrical science and electricity in general.

A ‘misconception‘ is a misunderstanding, or something perceived inaccurately.

Misconceptions prevent students from fully understanding scientific concepts. Unless corrected, misconceptions remain with a student during his or her education and accompany them throughout their careers. And, of course, they can pass them on to others.

So, where do these misconceptions come from?

In some cases, it’s from the books they read. This is because some books, particularly ‘introductory’ books, mistakenly attempt to over-simplify a topic, sometimes to a point where it becomes just plain wrong! 

In other cases, it’s from teachers who, through no fault of their own, have been tasked with teaching subjects with which they are not wholly familiar, or are unqualified to teach, and who end up passing on their own misconceptions to their students.

But, these days, it is likely that the majority of misconceptions are acquired from the worldwide web —particularly unmoderated ‘Question/Answers’ sites, where  subscribers are invited to post questions which are then answered, often, by completely unqualified individuals.

Thank you for visiting this site and reading my blog. If you like the blog, then please bookmark the site, and revisit it regularly. And feel free to post your comments.