What this blog is about

Welcome to my Electrical Blog

Welcome to my blog.

This blog is in support of readers who have purchased copies of my textbooks, but it also will be of interest to anyone interested in electrical engineering, whether as a student or as a hobbyist.

In this blog, I have posted corrections to the content of my textbooks, ‘An Introduction to Electrical Science (2nd Edition)’ and ‘Electrical Science for Technicians‘, and I have included articles on topics that have changed since these two books were written. For example, since writing my books, there have been significant changes to the SI system, and I explain those changes in this blog.

I have also written articles which seek to correct misconceptions that many people have regarding electricity. Many of these misconceptions are a result of the ease with which people, with a weak understanding of their subjects, can now post articles on the internet. Even a casual examination of some of the ‘Question/Answer’ sites shows a great deal of misconceptions that are presented as fact.